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Welcome to our website and to the new apple season 2014.
    Every year is different and challenging in numerous ways. This year a brutally cold winter was followed by a cold, wet, late spring and a cool summer. Hence a much smaller crop than last year is maturing slowly. We do have many beautiful apples on many varieties throughout the orchard, but many trees have taken the year off.
   The 2014 Picking Schedule is now available on the Picking & Pricing page. Ripening times are subject to change, so check back for updates on ripening. We are limiting our hours of operation by being open only Saturdays and Sundays this year. Because we are dealing with a much smaller crop this year, we encourage you to call ahead for availability, or check updates on this website or on Facebook.

Mike & Velma Downes
Mike & Emily Lazar
Mike & Velma Downes
9905 Thompson Rd., Woodstock, IL  60098

As we've been saying during the growing season, the number of apples this year is small. Growing conditions for the past year have been less than optimal and that is reflected in the reduced number of apples on the trees and the later than normal harvest. 
The GOOD NEWS is that several varieties have ripened during the week, and we will be open for picking on Saturday.  We will have Lustre Elstar, Gala, Sweet 16, Connell Red, Cox's Orange Pippin, and a few others.
The BAD NEWS is that, as we said above, the number of apples is limited, and we will walk the orchard Saturday evening to see whether there are enough apples still in the trees to allow picking on Sunday, so check back on Sunday for an update. 
The SALES ROOM will be open both days with pre-picked apples, cider, donuts, honey, and jam.

We will be opening on Saturday, September 13th, 2014. We will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 - 5. We will not be open on Fridays this year. Because of the small crop this year, we do not know how long the season will last. Please check here or on Facebook before coming out to see us.